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    We and our customers are satisfied very much with the product produced on the machine supplied by you

    Zahran company"
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    We also thank you for well training of our personnel in running and maintaining the machine after erection.

    Unionaire company"
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    We certainly appreciate your advices to choose the right machine for our product which assures your efficient experience in the field of plastic industries, also the services offered by your service team were excellent.

    Neisco Egypt company"
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    We thank Makinat Abouseif for their efficient co-operation and advices we got from them technically and financially when we bought our machine from them

    Alska company"
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    We thank very much Makinat Abouseif as when we decided to buy our machines from them we got the benefit from their knowledge and large experience in the field of plastic industries which reflects very good to our product both in quality and quantity.

    Mena plast company"
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    Thanks to Makinat Abouseif as we got benefit from the good quality of the machine which bought from them ,besides they have the best after sales service team and stock of spare parts

    El nafees company"
  • Makinat Spare Parts & Services


    The technical after sales service allows the customer to get the best performance from his machines, by optimizing the yield. Therefore, technical services and spare parts are available in stock

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